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Located right beside Colindale tube station, nestled in a quiet but emerging new are of London. Here we provide the best mixture of London lifestyles, close to peaceful parks and local cosy pubs.

Stay Professional have designed unique meeting rooms, work spaces, hot desking lounges for working professionals. Our building is fully motivational and specifically unique in our design.

Our expert team have specifically designed the work spaces, meeting rooms and hot desk lounges around people who need interaction and those that may need a quieter surrounding. We have a vibrant working atmosphere and we want to share with you our motivational and our quirky designs.



Hot desks are ideal for anyone wanting flexible access to a workspace but don’t need their own private office or the same desk every day.

You can choose to have a hot desk facility at one Stay Club or choose to be able to use any of our locations. Stay Professional Plus gives you access to use Camden, Colindale or Willesden so you can meet people or work in any location.

Whichever you choose, our friendly onsite team are on hand for any requests or queries you may have. Hot desk members can take advantage of fair-use printing, photocopying and preferential rates on meeting & conference rooms we have available.

ACCESS Operational Hours: 7am – 7pm
OPTIONAL EXTRAS Lockers available
Reception 24/7
Mail storage

Discounted rates on meeting rooms/ workshops and training rooms



If you are looking for a meeting room that can cater for a small group or up to a group of up to 30 people, then Colindale can cater to you.

We offer purpose built meeting facilities that allow you to concentrate on the matter in hand; away from distractions of the office or your normal working environment.

Every meeting room has been designed to be the perfect space to share and generate ideas amongst one another, here you can push your pitch to the next level with our interactive screens. And whether you like it warm or cool, our versatile cooling system will keep you comfortable – no matter how hot under the collar.

Even if you do not require a meeting room, our snug lounge area is the perfect place for informal meetings, where you can meet clients and colleagues in professional yet relaxed surroundings.



If you are looking for a training room that can cater for a small group or up to a group of up to 30 people, then Colindale is ready to cater to you.

We offer purpose built workshops that allow you to concentrate on the matter in hand; away from distractions of the office or your normal working environment.

Every training room has been designed to be the perfect space to share your individual ways of learning and bounce off each other.



We understand that first impressions count, with that in mind we now designed and set up interview rooms with added personal touches which helps the interviewee feel relaxed and as ease, giving them the best opportunity to sell themselves to you.


Our modern property has a collection of stylish rooms over 19 floors of premium student and professional accommodation. Our Premium Club Studios are perfect for an individual, couple or friends looking for a well-designed room.

The Club and Premium Club Suites are a more spacious option – ideal to share with friends or for an individual who wants a little more space. Each studio is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and private kitchenette with fridge/freezer, hob, and microwave. Linen, towels and kitchen utensils are provided at no additional cost


Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the 7th floor houses our fully-functional restaurant. Serving delicious food and beverages Monday to Sunday.

Seated for up to 200 people, it is ideal for private and corporate events, including Christmas parties, networking, birthdays or product launches. It can be used for arrival drinks and canapés before the guests make their way to our disco room if you wishing to party past midnight.

Stay Professional thrives off exceeding expectations of each bespoke event or requirement.

We can supply food, drink, staff and all hire equipment including linen, glasses, crockery, cutlery, coat stands and anything else you may need for your special event!


Fog machine DMX lights operation
4 High End PÁ Speakers by Pioneer DJ equipment
4 Line Sub Woofers by Pioneer DJ hire (Camden DJ) with bespoke offerings to your own taste of music
DMX Lights | Lasers | Moon Flowers | Projectors


This brand-new cinema contains state-of-the-art technology, comfortably seating 125 guests. Perfect to host a private screening, lectures, deliver a talk or simply share some ideas.

Optional extra:

· Popcorn machine available upon request


Available as part of an event or for individual hire, this stunning roof terrace is an amazing space for up-to 100 people. Set up is an added optional extra.


International English for Native Speakers of English

English is the international language of business and commerce. Therefore, as a native speaker, you may believe you do not have to acquire any language skills.

However, you may be losing out to your competitors who, ironically, have had to learn English as a second or third language.

Non-native professionals and business people frequently comment that they find other non-natives much easier to understand their English colleagues. There is a need for communication to be moderated, selected, and delivered in a manner that ensures full and unequivocal comprehension.

This course will give you the skills you need to modify the way you communicate in English. It will highlight aspects of English that foreign learners find most difficult. You learn how to select your words, expressions and ways of communicating, to make yourself fully understood by your clients.

Don’t let your English be a disadvantage when dealing with clients from abroad.


To be effective, a team must be greater than the sum of its parts. You may have a set of brilliant individuals.

How do you get them to work together in a way that channels their skills, potential and energy, to move forward as an efficient, effective unit?

In this course we look at:

  • Ways of giving the right support
  • Setting negotiated goals
  • Facilitating individual contributions to the team effort
  • Measuring progress and checking that goals are reached.


As managers and leaders, we will inevitably find ourselves at the head of a workforce that is multilingual and multicultural. In today’s fluid, flexible world, we are the ones who have to adapt. The diversity of our teams is a great strength.

Tapping into those strengths and making them coalesce into an effective, creative, productive workforce is both an art, and a skill that can be learned.

Acquire the tools you need to lead a workforce that is a closely-knit team, while appreciating and valuing cultural and linguistic diversity.


Effective cross-border communication is essential to the success of companies with international business. As cross-border communication improves at a company, so does profit, revenue and market share.

On this course, you will leave with more questions than answers. You will have the tools to perform a thorough and hard-hitting audit of your current cross-border communication practices and, having broken this area of your business down to it constituent parts, build it up again.

Approaches to effective Negotiation

Getting to Yes, achieving a win-win and walking away are some of the buzz words of negotiation.

Where do we start and where do we end? In this course, we look at planning, distributive negotiation, compromise, key processes, creating gains, offers and counter-offers.

By the end of the course, you will feel prepared, confident and ready to negotiate in any and every situation.

CV & Cover letter

Course on how to create the perfect CV and Cover Letter according to the personal and professional skills

How to use LinkedIn in a professional way

LinkedIn is the most popular social media used by professionals. This is a course on how to create an ​A​ll Star​s​ profile and how to make the best of your ​n​etwork connecting to the Influencers & peers.

How to prepare and succeed during an interview

Going for a job interview is never easy. During this course you will learn how to understand your streghts, your skills and body language.

Learning how to promote yourself in the best way possible, in order to ace thaat job interview!

Empowering Women in Life & Business

A workshop on how to create a healthy collaboration with one another, understanding our strengths and helping others to reach their goals

Effective Coaching for young professionals

A Workshop focused on Coaching (career and Personal), Training the attendants to apply the coaching model on life/work issues.

Customised Career Development Courses with guest speaker


Example package that comes with any above course:

  • 3 Nights’ accommodation
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Day trip to a London experience
  • Private screening of film available in our private cinema.